Language Arts


  • Tons of Vocabulary Games – Join some of your favorite cartoon characters like Barney, Skit and Caillou, to learn and practice vocabulary through a series of fun games!
  • Vocabulary Fun Worksheet (PDF) – Match each word to the correct definition and then check it against the answer sheet to see if you got them all correct.
    Word Detectives – Download a series of worksheets to help Wally the Word Detective solve all the vocabulary mysteries.
  • Vocab Word Puzzles – Choose your grade level and then pick from a series of corresponding games for some fun with words!
  • Matching Word Games – Explore different situations, such as animals, computers, personalities and more, to learn about words that apply to each one.
  • Head Out to Sea! – Play a virtual “choose your own adventure” game where you play a new theater actor who has to learn many new words in the script.
    Match the Homophones – Homophones are words that sound the same (or very similar) but have different spellings and meanings.
  • A Photographic Vocabulary Game – Can you guess which of the supplied words is the correct name of the photographs in each category?
  • Tricky Words – Try reading a list of sentences that use words with the same spelling but very different meanings, and sometimes different pronunciations too.
  • Virtual Hangman – Play a game of hangman and choose a category from news, sports or entertainment.
  • Art Vocabulary – Learn about special words that are used when describing a picture or a painting.
  • Image Dictionary – Is there a word that you’ve heard or read, but don’t understand? Look it up in the online picture dictionary to instantly make sense of it!

Reading & Writing

  • Writing Forms – Learn how to write a letter, form a proper sentence, and learn the parts of a story.
  • Writing a Book Report – See what makes the main parts of a book report and then practice writing one.
  • Find a Book! – Not sure what to read next? Try using a special search tool for kids where you can find books according to your age, the length of the book, category, characters and colors.
  • Express Yourself (PDF) – Fill out the worksheet to find out how to express yourself and your various moods.
  • Online Stories – Pick a short online kids story to read it and then browse the rest of the site for related activities and word games.
  • Tips for Young Writers – Whether you need help with planning a story or defeating writer’s block, there are plenty of helpful tips and hints here.
  • Write a Play – Use a handy little online tool to help you write a play, and then gather a few friends to put on a mini theater production!
  • Writing a Letter – For a fun approach to letter writing, try the letter generator and then print out your completed letter to drop it in the mail.
  • Newspaper Articles – Travel back in time and learn how a newspaper article is structured, before writing one of your own.
  • Understanding the Stories – After reading these illustrated stories online, go back to the home page and answer the questions for each story to see how well you understood them.
  • Bibliomania – Read thousands of books for free online!
  • BookHive – Find a book to read online and play the fun activities on this site.

Grammar & Speech

  • Apostrophes – Play a few starter activities to refresh your knowledge of how to use apostrophes correctly before heading to the main games.
  • Proverbs – Choose a game to practice learning the meanings behind some proverbs (wise sayings) that we use every day.
  • Adjective Detectives – View an on line lesson about adjectives and then help the Adjective Detective track down the thieves in a quiz and a game.
  • Comparative Adjectives – Fill in the correct adjectives for each sentence and submit the quiz to check your answers automatically.
  • Proper Nouns – Watch a cartoon on proper nouns to see how they are different from other nouns.
  • Grammar Exercises – Go through all of the interactive grammar exercises or simply pick the categories that you need extra practice in.
  • Contractions – Match the correct contracted words with their longer forms to win this game!
  • Spelling Builder – Spell the words in the correct order to get the word factory functioning correctly.
  • Look, Cover and Write – Look at a word, then click to cover it and see if you can spell it correctly yourself.
  • Spin and Spell – Spin the giant wheel to spell out the words or pictures that appear on the screen.
  • Prefixes – Drag the prefixes to existing words to create new words in a sentence.

Children reading

Poetry & Literature

  • The Little Animals Rhyming Game – Help Digby the mole locate the rhyming words in order to dig his tunnel through the earth.
  • Poems for Kids – Read through some poems written especially for kids and understand them better with the accompanying audio and illustrations.
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales Online – Read some classic fairy tales that have been around for hundreds of years!
  • Aesop’s Fables Illustrated – Read some classic fables from around the world, in a fun new illustrated online version!
  • Animated Folk Tales – Listen to Aunt Pearlie Sue narrate a selection of well-known folk tales and follow along with the illustrations and animation.
  • Shakespeare for Kids – William Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest writers in the English language. Find out more about him and his plays in a special website for kids.
  • The Tale of Benjamin Bunny – Follow along with a timeless classic tale by Beatrix Potter, about a very naughty bunny who gets into a lot of trouble!
  • Amazing Adventures – In the amazing series, kids get to choose from stories, poems, activities and more!
  • Animal Stories – Pick from several books about birds and animals and turn the pages online to read the story.
  • Big Books for Kids – Read a collection of stories about children, nature and a few very extraordinary creatures!
  • Merpy Stories – Learn all about Merpy the little blue monster by reading stories about her adventures with several other monster friends.
  • Types of Poems – Did you know that poems do not necessarily have to rhyme? In fact there are many different kinds of poems to try out.

Foreign Language

  • Learn Japanese Basics – Learn how to say some simple and common words and phrases in Japanese with a colorful illustrated audio guide online.
  • Saying Hello – Find out how to say hello to people in many different languages!
    Speak Spanish! – Learn to speak Spanish with Nickelodeon’s Diego and Dora.
    European Languages – Pick an activity and then click on the different flags to hear words spoken in French, Italian, Spanish or German.
  • French Kids’ Resources – Have fun learning French by playing a board game, practicing dialogues, printing flash cards, singing songs and plenty more!
  • Fruits in Spanish – Click on the English fruit names to get a matching picture and audio pronunciation of the Spanish word.
  • Spanish Lessons – Choose a Spanish lesson to begin with, such as the alphabet, colors, animals, numbers and more.
  • Chez Mimi – Join Mimi and her neighbors and practice your French to help them complete several important tasks.
  • German Grammar Worksheets – Print a few worksheets to practice German grammar exercises.
  • French Parts of the Body – Try a vocabulary practice revision based on parts of the body in French, and then test yourself with a quiz.
  • Foreign Language Stories – Listen to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, narrated in French, Italian, Spanish and German.
  • Easy Spanish Lessons for Kids – Practice saying the alphabet as well as names of colors, animals, shapes and numbers in Spanish.